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Makin' Whoopi

When I learned that Whoopi Goldberg had gotten fired by Slim Fast for telling an off-color joke about President “Bush”, my first reaction was outrage: How dare she?! Where did she get the idea that it was acceptable to make a genital-related joke about the President? We didn’t hear that kind of garbage when William Jefferson Clinton was in the White House!!!

But really, how unfair to the part of the anatomy in question, a masterpiece of nature which does wonderful and miraculous things. Has a mons veneris ever sent anyone to war? Has a perineum ever lied to Congress? True, Dubya was of a woman born. But he was born without sin. He could have grown up to be a perfectly harmless baseball commissioner.

All kidding aside, this incident is disturbing on many levels. Whoopi Goldberg is clearly being treated to some sort of a double standard. If telling an off-color joke about Bill Clinton were tantamount to economic suicide, then there would be a lot of starving comedians out there. Johnny Carson actually told a penis-related joke about Clinton before he even ran for President*. (Someone out there wants to object that Dubya is different because he brought honor and dignity to the White House. That would really make me laugh.) Or maybe the double standard involves the joker as well as the jokee. Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh, a couple of old white guys, have violated just about every standard of political correctness imaginable, but they are still going strong.

Personally, I am torn about what the proper response to this firing is. Should lefties boycott Slim Fast for firing her? Should we boycott any product that is endorsed by Dennis Miller? That is tempting, but in the long run all it would lead to is meaningless polarization. Not only would “red” and “blue” voters live in different neighborhoods, we would use different diet aids, drink different beer, and listen to different comedians tell penis jokes. That would be no fun, and no way to solve our problems.

*He said that Clinton’s famously boring speech at the 1988 Democratic convention “went over about as well as a Velcro condom.”

Posted by Woody Mena at July 16, 2004 9:24 AM