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"Democracy Is Best Taught by Example"

Unfortunately, our nation is again proving that we don’t set a very good one. A key foundation of a successful democracy is the open discussion and debate of issues.

Such public discourse becomes difficult, however, when large media companies loyal to one party control a lion’s share of the outlets.

In the latest controversy, Clear Channel is reneging on a contract to post a billboard in the heart of Times Square during the GOP convention.

Paid for by the Berkeley-based Project Billboard, the anti-war billboard was to have proclaimed "Democracy Is Best Taught by Example, Not by War" while depicting a bomb.

According to Clear Channel, the ad was rejected for being 'distasteful' and 'politically charged.' "

The contract for the billboard stipulates only that Clear Channel can "reject ad copy that is deemed 'obscene' or 'false' or that 'violates laws' or is 'offensive to the moral standards of the community.' "

"It's not the message; it was the imagery," Clear Channel Outdoor CEO Paul Meyer said. "In the city of New York, at the current time, bomb imagery is inappropriate."

However, even when the bomb was replaced with a dove the ad was rejected, lending credence to the belief that the ad was rejected instead on political grounds.

Of course, why should we expect anything different from Clear Channel? This is the same company that pulled some of the biggest names in music off their stations for making anti-war statements.

It sure must be nice to be president when you buddies control so much access to the media. Why mess with anything that seems evil, like creating a Ministry of Information when the "private sector" will do it for you? Who needs dialogue and debate, when you can clearly tell the public what the truth is.

And we wonder why so many Americans continue to think Saddam was directly tied to Sep. 11...

Posted by blipsman at July 13, 2004 2:50 PM