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Governor Jeb Bush and his merry band of Florida Republicans got caught trying to pull some hanky-panky with the voter rolls. Again. This time, in addition to disenfranchising thousands of eligible Democratic-voting blacks, they tried to add thousands of ineligible Republican-voting Cubans.

Election officials say they will reject the eligibility list. Unfortunately, both the state government and the state election officials claim it's not their job to vet the voter rolls. The "mistake" was caught by a newspaper only after it had to file a suit to gain access to the list.

I'm happy to see so much scrutiny of the Florida election process. I suspect all the major media outlets will have "crisis teams" stationed there on election night. Unfortunately, no one is scrutinizing the process so closely in the other 49 states.

Posted by American Pundit at July 13, 2004 4:56 AM