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What Should Ralph Do

Watching Ralph Nader on TV is always interesting now that he is running for President again. A lot of people blamed him for the fact that Bush was able to steal the last election but Ralph is not the one to blame for that atrocity. Nor is he to blame for the lame leadership in Congress over the last several years that first debated rancorously over impeaching a President for leaving smegma on an aides dress. Then to top that they failed to debate about the Patriot Act, none of them even read it before passing it in an abrogation of responsibility that boggles even my overheated imagination.

Ralph may be a spoiler for the majority party that acts like a minority gang of miss-led misled misfits. He is not a loser in the way that they have demonstrated that they can be in these early days of a new century. He will fight for what he believes; it is how he has lived and how he will continue to live as long as he draws breath.

The idea that there is even a debate about Ralph running again is as foreign to me now as the idea that Republicans have embraced deficit spending. None of us debated when Ross Perot ran and single-handedly defeated Bush I, we cheered him on and embraced the bright young hope that he propelled into office. Eight years of Clinton later people were totally divided, or at least those who voted were totally divided. The rest of the people would have broken all records for a mandate for Gore had they only voted. If Bush sneaks back into office it will again be on the heads of those who just couldn’t make it to the polls. Most of them being Democrats or leaning to the left you would think that they would set time aside for voting but they seldom do even when it really matters. This time it matters!

Even though I abhor the lies told that led us into war in Iraq that is not the main reason that I oppose Bush this time out. Even though I think the cronyism and disgusting pandering to the worst elements in our national character deserve to be defeated they are not my primary reason for wanting Bush out of office. The international follies of this Administration could be reason for it to be in the hall of fame of political failures but they do not inspire me to call for its defeat. It is the failure to recognize the problems of a future too dependent on foreign oil and natural Gas, an area where its one real expertise lies, that makes this babbling bag of boobs unacceptable. We desperately need a national commitment to renewable energy sources that can be produced here if we are to maintain our economic power. If the Netherlands can see the need for wind power clearly enough to plan a program that will put them at the forefront of a movement toward energy independence then why can’t we?

Scarcity is beginning to impact the price of oil, and this is just the harbinger of things to come. We are totally dependent on the stability of international oil markets for our transportation fuel. Interruptions of a small portion of the daily flow of oil can send prices surging. Worldwide we are discovering four barrels for every ten we are burning today and that means that current consumption rates are unsustainable over the long haul. It is clear enough to me that this is the greatest challenge facing this nation today, but the leadership from the Right is pathetically defined by its deification of markets as the answer to every problem. We could produce bio-diesel sufficient for our needs by using algal production technologies already in existence if we were willing to make the investment. Markets are reactive instruments; they cannot work on problems in advance of their impact. In this case the impact of oil scarcity will be very nasty worldwide if it is not planned for in advance. The series of wars we will fight in the Middle East, with results similar to the ones we are living with in Iraq today will not solve this problem; they can only delay it slightly.

Will Kerry do any better? I certainly expect that he will but the real tragedy of this election is that Nader really gets it that this issue is the defining economic issue of our times. Ralph’s voice is being muted by our lack of openness in this electoral process that we live with today. I wrote a piece in a moment of fear that castigated Ralph for running. I feared his impact on this election would lead to four more years of Bush. I am over that fear today. Run Ralph Run. See Ralph Run. See the issues be debated, instead of the danse de morte of ever worse electoral advertising dedicated to smearing opponents and destroying people’s common ground beneath their feet. We all need leadership that can work on our real problems, not manufacture wars against terrorism and invade the wrong nation for all of the wrong reasons. Run Ralph Run! I won’t vote for you but I want to hear your voice. Your impact on this election will be valuable in the end even if Bush steals another squeaker. He alone cannot destroy our nation, only the citizens’ dereliction of duty in not voting can do that. Run Ralph Run! Vote Citizens Vote. That is how to avoid a repeat of last time, don’t bitch about Ralph running, just vote.
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Posted by Henri Reynard at July 9, 2004 9:17 AM