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I never knew who said it, but it was a veteran of Massachusetts’ politics that remarked of past John Kerry campaigns, ‘…they always finish strong’. The nominee’s campaign is pacing this Fourth of July news cycle as if they were playing the ’92 election duo Carville and Begala in an Aaron Sorkin script. Somewhere in cyber ‘freeper’ world, theories must abound of a triumvirate Liberal operative co-ordination, charting the release of Bubba’s book, an ‘opening’ favorable to securing a top box office debut for ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, and capped off by a post Independence Day holiday media event of dominating proportion!

If it comes from the jovial mug of CNN’s Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider, then it is political gospel, in non-tablet form. His scoop on Monday had two influential leading figures within the party, having expressed the same VP preference as Ralph Nader, who should now give further thought in the likelihood his opinion may be sought in due time by the Republicans, as well. Could one of those figures be the individual having frequent late night chats with candidate Kerry? A routine reminiscent of a certain Senate candidate’s run in New York State?

Kerry’s campaign is not in as much disarray as the Gore campaign’s state of affairs at this juncture, in the summer of 2000. However, we will see the same chain reaction thru the campaign and the party, as reverberated from the Lieberman selection that year – but only if it’s my guy, Sen. John Edwards.

Even in light of the fact, that Edwards is the choice of all the online cable news VeepStake polls, and the overwhelming choice of party leaders throughout the country, not only will the announcement be an event, the broadcast news media will make sure the aftershocks resonates, at least, until the Democratic National Convention. Heck, we all know John Edwards is DNC Chairman Terry McCauliffe’s choice. What? You don’t see it? That goofy grin of his?

The Bush campaign shipped F-Bomber pilot Cheney off to middle America over the long holiday weekend, however you may have noticed an absence of stirring stump speech soundbites accompanying the news coverage. It will be interesting to see if this changes once Edwards hits the campaign trail. It will be like Colin Farrell going up against Dennis Hopper in the Best Actor category.

Bounce? Yeah, there will be a nice bounce. A nice, scare-the-bejesus out of the RNC’s Ed Gillespie kind of bounce. It just may totally alter the presumption and history of the VP bounce. Not a thru the legs of Bill Buckner or Andre Dawson-like bounce, but a crisp, no look Pippen to Jordan patented bounce.


Posted by Bert M. Caradine at July 6, 2004 6:34 AM