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“This is not a time for Pessimism and Rage”?

Well unless it is a time for despair and disgust aimed at both parties and their ancillary support systems, which were only encouraged to grow by McCain Feingold, what else could it be? The header over this story is a quote taken from a campaign ad on the Bush web site that links the Democrats to Hitler quite effectively. This is of course in response to an equally offensive campaign ad run by, collating Hitler and the Republican leadership.

The failed attempt to limit the impact of special interest money on our elections that McCain Feingold represents has led to an escalation in the all-out-warfare type of campaign ad that distorts and defaces our democratic process. Of course the type of campaigning carried to us in those ads was hardly invented for this election. If you remember, John McCain, one of its sponsors, watched while his presidential campaign was dismantled by vicious rumors and distortions promulgated by George W, the apparent adopted brother of Bandar Bush. Shucks, there I go, engaging in the same type of distortion, don’t I? Linking the Bush Family name to one of the powerful Saudi Princes, I ought to be ashamed of myself. Unfortunately the link was made not by me but by the Bush family itself. I, for one, find it interesting but hardly a reason to fire w or anyone else in public office.

The problem the type of ad I am angry about creates is one where it is impossible to tell truth from distortion. That is the real impact of the propaganda served up 24/7 by our media as campaign ads and sometimes news itself. It is paid for by money that has only one special interest; striking fear into our hearts. Vote for _________ out of fear of the other candidate is its only message.

This campaign has no room for discussion of the issues between the vicious and demeaning ads and the actions of the supporting casts from both parties. Dick Cheney, showing his virile manhood, curses a prominent Democrat in a photo op incident that reeks of staging by Rove and others. Inflame the base! Al Gore who won an election and lost the Presidency to his own blunders thereafter screams and rants in chorus with an all too silent John Kerry. Inflame the base! Kerry is the candidate who is being cast as Bush Lite, not a drinkable beverage for most of us, by his opponents. Meanwhile the Republic continues burning and burning and burning.

Pessimism and rage would be welcome in place of despair and disgust which are becoming all too familiar to many of us on both sides of the party divide. Those feelings are particularly familiar to those of us who care more about the issues facing our nation over the next four years than the fraternal genocide taking place in our media. It is long past time to fire every one of the self-seeking idiots in both parties who continue to escalate this war. Unfortunately they are not employed by us in most cases. This is apparently the only campaign that unaffiliated money can and will buy. One in which plausible deniability for the most viscous attacks is automatic, neither candidate has touched any of them personally. Unless of course inflaming the base will be the main result. Should I choose disgust and despair or pessimism and rage? It depends on your party affiliation I guess, or maybe just if you actually give a damn about the harm being done to the greatest governmental system ever built by the people, of the people, for the people in the history of the world. Good luck America, decency has left the room.
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Posted by Henri Reynard at June 27, 2004 7:51 AM