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Fahrenheit 9/11-A Review

Apparently, it was wise of me to purchase my tickets on Thursday, as I found out after reaching my neighborhood movie theatre, that all five Friday showings of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ had been sold out!

My buddy and I arrived at the 10:00pm showing to find two lines of ticket holders stretching out in opposite directions from the entrance. The average age of the crowd I’d put at about 35-40 yrs. of age, but the number of young adults and high school age patrons struck me as significant. After the courteous crowd made room for all to sit down, followed by the irritation of paying $8 bucks and still having to sit thru a commercial, Moore’s opus began.

I was previously inaccurate when I wrote that the movie was about 95 minutes. It actually clocked in at close to two hours, as it was chock full of information and revelations that some will insist is distorted and manipulated. Yet, due to the documentary’s stark presentation, you will be hard pressed to find any pointed attempts to refute Moore’s partisan claims, I predict.

Most of the film’s vocal detractors will have you believe that this documentary is just one long Bush-bashing, error prone, partisan monologue/voice-over by a narcissistic Liberal. However, it struck me that you actually hear Moore’s voice about one-quarter of the film’s duration, with the rest of the dialogue provided by interviewees and archival footage.

Even this self-professed political junkie was surprised by some of the previously unknown information presented, as I turned to my friend several times in complete amazement.

I realize why I began to wince as Moore made his case as to what was at the root of those almost two dozen flights of Saudis’ and Bin Laden family members, out of the U.S. after Sept. 13, 2001. As he unwove the inter-locking connection from the Bush family’s financial interests all the way to the Carlyle Group, here is where I fear he is most vulnerable to charges of partisan chicanery. However, I promise not spoil the film for those who have not seen it, but do keep this in mind. There is yet another, more explosive charge made that could very well erase the very notion of the Southern Strategy!

From where I sit, the strength of Moore’s film rest in the very foundation of one principle I strive for in my writing – facts! He did his homework, he did his research and he unearthed documents and evidence that no Freedom Of Information Act will ever aid in producing. There are no conspiracy theorists featured (for an example of this, see the Right’s documentary on the death of Vince Foster), and neither are there Democratic Party operatives/insiders with an axe to grind against Bush (suggested image: Dick Morris).

All you need to do is go to and read how the writer/director is taking on almost every direct criticism, in defense of this movie. Due to the sheer volume of claims the movie makes however, its baffling that we’ve not seen significant amounts of Fox News airtime, or column space in the Wall Street Journal or Washington Times devoted to debunking for the American electorate, these alleged, direct scurrilous attacks on our President.

Finally, I do need to apologies to those on the Right for baiting them on whether they would go see this film. It has become perfectly clear why Fox’s Bill O’Reilly would decide to leave a pre-screening of the film, before its conclusion.

To quote Ronald Reagan, ‘Facts are stupid things’.

(The Progress Report also gives Fahrenheit 9/11 the once over, in more detail.)

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at June 26, 2004 5:05 AM