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Kerry Gets Key Early Endorsement

The Philadelphia Daily News published an early endorsement for expected Democratic candidate John Kerry. (registration req.)

In making the first endorsement of the campaign season, they explained:

Because this race promises to be close and Pennsylvania is one of 18 swing states that can go to either candidate. For Kerry supporters to prevail they must do more than just vote, they must bring a ringer into this contest: the more than a million people in the region who did not vote in the last presidential election. We believe these non-voters - who will have to be mobilized over the next few months - are the key to victory.

The Daily News lays out its case against Bush, its case for Kerry and a stategy to help Kerry win in November.

In its support of Kerry, the editorial compares the two:

Like Bush, Kerry was born to wealth and privilege. Like Bush, he went to prep schools and then to Yale. But in little else since then has Kerry been like Bush, who acts as if his presidency is a birthright left over by his father.

Kerry acknowledges that his privileges left him with a responsibility to serve and an ambition to lead. And he has - from combat in the Navy, then as the cleancut (and therefore highly effective) leader of the Vietnam veterans' anti-war movement, as a prosecutor in Boston, and in four terms in the U.S. Senate.

In terms of laying out their strategy for defeating Bush, the Daily News states that "Gore got 2.4 million votes, Bush got 2.2 million and Ralph Nader 103,392" and 4 million did not vote. The goal is to get as many of those people to register as possible by the Oct. 4 cut-off, particularly those living in the Philadelphia-area.

Pennsylvania will be one of the key states in November's election with its 21 electoral votes. Gore won the state in 2000 in a close race. While the state has many Republican supporters, there are strong liberal bases in the metropolitan areas and there seems to be growing support for Kerry in the mining and manufacturing regions of the state which are not experiencing the same economic rebound the nation in general is. With an early call out in favor of Kerry and a plan of attack, hopefully Pennsylvania can be filled in blue on the map.

Posted by blipsman at June 16, 2004 3:12 PM