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Rubber Room at the White House

There is a serious case of election year stress at the White House. The article by Doug Thompson is just one of the sources for that contention. Simply watching George Tenet resign his office and listening to the absolutely false sounding explanations given by Administrative spoke persons regarding this and other matters lately gives one a feeling of Déjà vu if one lived through the last days of Nixon.

The wheels are coming off of the Republican Wagon of unification, and it is about time. Of course there should be some unity in all political parties. But here in this nation the degree of unity shown by Republicans since Bush II took office has been unhealthy for us all. Nothing like this has been seen before in my lifetime, a party so united that no voice of reason calls out when they go too far. From: the fantasy that we can continue to run up deficits into the tens of trillions of dollars without any serious consequences, to the idea that the Coal Industry should write their own environmental regulations, to the theory that Drug companies should not face bargaining with government agents when the government is paying them for their product, this has been one great run of party unity at the expense of the taxpayer.

Not today’s taxpayer of course, unless you account for the trillion dollars in Social Security payroll taxes taken from our poorest workers that have been used to make up for our tax relief for the richest people in our nation. Not for the future taxpayers still in diapers and training pants who will inherit over one hundred thousand dollars each in Federal debt alone when they reach the age of twenty one. It has been an amazing run of that unity wagon but the wheels are falling off now with the break in the Administration’s control over events starting with Iraq.

Of course the problem is that with the advent of 9/11 politics there was no real opposition. The President’s approval ratings appeared to guarantee him a second term. Now his mistakes on: Iraq, the tax bills, the environment and the economy have started to drain the helium out of his balloon. Left with a broken gas bag as President, Republicans are being forced to think for themselves once again. It will be difficult but we may actually have a government that works at the end of this campaign.

A government that actually has the competent use of checks and balances as its basis once again would be a vast improvement over this one. Meanwhile the mean spirited Neanderthals in the White House are circling the wagons. Everyone on the outside is suspect, if not an enemy, because they disagree with anything said by the President or his little coterie of “advisors”. Breathing the same air that you exhaled long enough will lead to oxygen deprivation and eventually brain death. Someone should warn these Apostles of leak-less government that their air supply has gone bad.

Good luck if these People should somehow manipulate circumstances so that they manage to win reelection. Ashcroft unleashed and Bush as the Lords terrible swift sword will be the least we can expect if our nation falls asleep once again before the election. I hope many of you are interested in this effort at democracy, or it might just be our last. Caligula found great pleasure in punishing his real and imagined enemies, would a President reelected by our people under the delusional belief that God has chosen him to lead us do any less harm? We all live in interesting times. Let us hope that the War on Terror has taken us as down the road of unhealthy unity as far as it can. Let us work on this election so that after it we once again live in a world of divided patriotic love of a nation that has no need to call on God to approve our President’s actions.
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Posted by Henri Reynard at June 6, 2004 2:14 PM