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A Fallen Leader

President Reagan is dead at 93. Today, my politics and his are far different, but as a kid, he was my president, and it was growing up under his administration that had me identifying myself as a Republican as a child, to my Parent’s consternation. It wasn’t until I became disgusted at the vicious treatment of Bill Clinton that my moderate tendencies overwhelmed my childhood beliefs and I became a Democrat.

But before that, You could say I was a Bush Republican/Reagan Democrat. Whatever I was, I started from there, and I must acknowledge that debt of history, that presence in my life.

To me, as a kid, Reagan was the very definition of a president. In a time when patriotism was strongly encouraged, especially in Texas public schools, the President was a big heroic figure, who we looked upon with the greatest respect.

Whatever my differences now, I cannot help but reflect upon his death, and see it as the end of an Era, and another inevitable mark of the things of my childhood fading into the past.

To the family and friends of President Reagan, I give my sympathies and condolences, and to those who looked to him as a leader, know that even across party lines, there are those who held him in great respect.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at June 5, 2004 5:13 PM