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Building The Perfect Nader-ite

In all modesty, one of my greatest strengths is the ability to effectively debate and argue Ė yet, sometimes to a fault. My 12+ years as a Sales Representative, an affinity for information and knowledge (plus retaining it), and an (evil) stepmother who was a habitual liar, were all principal to its development. Iíve come to characterize it as having a black belt in arguing.

As a result, I have enraged a number of friends, frustrated a few acquaintances, and will never again engage a perfect stranger in a discussion about politics or music - except at a safe distance in cyberville.

I bring this up, because itís what stopped me from launching into a pointed, flippant Comment post, in response to rev_mattís WatchBlog entry on the meeting between Ralph Nader and John Kerry.

Just as the written hypocrisy and deception of those on the Right are a constant source of anger (and blog entries), the few acknowledged supporters of Nader, and those who express a minimal of sympathetic admiration for his candidacy, are really starting to piss me off. Unfortunately, many of these Nader-ites Iíve come across are very idealistic, to the point of naive ness. And, to my embarrassment, Iíve sometimes gone after them as if I was verbally bitch-slapping, say, a Tucker Carlson. As I am assured that I made valid observations and asked straightforward questions, I strongly suspect that I came off as a mean, heavy handed bully.

From what Iíve discerned about their positions, (other than Naderís stump speech about too much corporate control and influence of special interest over the two major parties), the following are other basic talking points: the need for open primary elections, thus leveling the playing field for other partiesí and ideologies; at the very least, a legitimate Third Party supposedly attracting a mix bag of disillusioned Conservatives and anti-war Liberals; and, an all encompassing movement that will fight to end the stranglehold grip of the Fortune 500 Haves, and in return, empower the health insurance-challenged, Wal-Mart employed, unfortunate found Have Nots.

One of the things that has fueled my anger toward Nader supporters, are my reasonable scenarios that have fallen on deaf ears. Iíve confidently predicted that Nader, his supporters and their ideology would be welcomed into the Democratic Party Ė in direct contrast to what pro-choice and gay/lesbian groups have faced in the Republican Party. I for one, agree with many of Naderís positions, as I believe many Democrats would concur. Thus, the second part of my argument is that Nader could probably have as much an impact on my party, as the Conservatives have achieved in the GOP.

If one could possibly manage a blank stare in a comment reply, that was the kind of response I got. Again, the muttering of party slaves to corporations and special interests, which led me to this observation: If you do not have an unwavering, strong belief that your cause can trump these threats to representative democracy, how strongly held are your beliefs?

I do not like the image of the typical Nader supporter that I am formulating in my head. What kind of person would pass on the opportunity to harness the power of a major political party, to advance their cause?

So far, the image is similar to those International Monetary Fund protestors in the streets of Seattle, but cleaned up a bit. College educated, rich white kids rebelling by searching for that adversity they were too unlucky to be born into. Or, theyíve joined the comfortable corporate world of stock portfolios and financial solvency, opting for Third Party idealism and its hip factor.

Correct me if I am wrong, but if you are truly angered by the havoc and damage that Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld have brought upon this nation, would you not use your vote to bring it to an end?

Do Nader supporters not know anyone who has been downsized, laid-off or had their job outsourced? Know anyone in a town where the major employer has moved operations overseas? Know anyone without health insurance? Know anyone working two jobs, but still having trouble making ends meet? And, if they donít, do they care?

Do Nader supporters know anyone who has lost a child, a friend, a sibling, a parent or a relative, in Iraq? Have Nader supporters lost anyone personally, in Iraq?

And, if they have not, do they care?

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at June 1, 2004 5:00 PM