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Kerry-McCain Beats Bush-Cheney by 14%

While I tend to look skeptically towards poll numbers, I find this one somewhat interesting. According to a CBS News poll, a hypothetical Kerry/McCain ticket would beat Bush/Cheney by 14%.

McCain has repeatedly stated he would never run on a cross-party ticket with Kerry. Of course, Condi Rice said she would never testify in front of the 9/11 commission…

I personally have mixed feelings regarding a multi-party ticket. While I admire McCain's willingness not to cowtow to the party line, would his becomming vice president actually help advance the more progressive political issues typically representative of Democrats? Or would his candidacy simply be a ploy to strip away some votes from Bush? Would such a move harm the long term growth of the Democratic party by filling the position with somebody who could not be viewed as an heir apparent to Kerry, such as John Edwards or Bill Richardson?

Ultimately, I think nothing will come of this supposed "Dream Team." Politics are still too divided in this country to allow for any sort of coalition government.

Posted by blipsman at May 27, 2004 6:02 PM