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Nothing Better To Do?

President Bush was in the upscale Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead this week raising 3.2 million dollars. The money wasn’t even for his campaign. It was for a Republican National Committee program that funnels money to party candidates across the United States.

Bush, who is in a tight race for reelection against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, stopped hosting major events for his own campaign early last month in order to step up fund-raising appearances on behalf of the RNC and Republicans running for Congress.

Shouldn't the President have been talking to Sharon about his Gaza invasion? Or to Putin about al Qaeda terrorists in Chechnya? How about pitching in to help create a democratic government in Iraq? Maybe working with the UN to prevent thousands more people from being slaughtered in Sudan? Or figuring out how the socialist's upset victory in India will affect our economy? How about straightening out our own intelligence agency mess? Or maybe getting the FBI squared away so agents don't have to go to Kinko's to send an email?

I can literally think of a hundred things the President of the United States should have been doing Monday. President Bush decided it was imperative to spend the day raising some extra campaign dough, chitchatting with wealthy supplicants who paid $2,000 a plate for Coca-Cola marinated sirloin. Crazy.

Posted by American Pundit at May 19, 2004 10:25 AM