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Coalition of the Walkout

Matt from points out that it’s hard to get things done in this world when delegations from a certain superpower (the American one) keeps walking out of important meetings on a wide range of subjects in protest.

Maybe We Would Get More Done if our Diplomats Stopped Walking Out of Meetings:

"U.S. Delegation walks out of U.N. Human Rights Commission. Check.

U.S. Delegation walks out of U.N. debate on Iraq war resolution. Check.

U.S. Delegation walks out of U.N. World Conference Against Racism Check.

But really, what else could be expected from an administration that pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming and the 1972 Anit-Ballistic Missile Treaty?"

That's a very good point that hasn't been covered well in the media so far. While the Bush Administration has boldly declared through it's actions that Bush and his Cabinet will do whatever they want when it comes to, let's see, Iraq, oil costs, the economy, gay marriage, ignoring the environment, etc., walking out of numerous international meetings just makes America look worse in the world's eyes.

And that's something we really don't need right now.

Posted by Anthony at May 14, 2004 10:21 PM