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Critical Comments?

Lets see, Donald Rumsfield according to my personal recollection has made the most disastrous mistakes in his position of Secretary of Defense that have been made since we had Vietnam to regret. He inherited a military force that knows how to win wars on the cheap but he has not the faintest idea of how to use it to keep the peace. Actually that is the problem, war is not cheap and peace cannot be bought once it is broken. We have not just broken Iraq under Rumsfield, we have broken the United States role as the master of serving world peace with military might.

It is our military might that has kept the regional wars in the last three decades from becoming more destructive and widespread. I may not always agree with how we use our exceedingly expensive military force but I have no illusions about how important its existence is to peace in our world. It is vital and it has been broken by Wolfie, Rummy, and friends.

The disaster at a prison in Iraq has brought the first unkind worlds toward Rummy from our President, who as usual has not paid attention to the details. I guess we just need to put it in the proper terms for w to understand it……… You see w, you cannot give your toys like tanks to other kids to play with, not without incurring a high cost of repairs before you can put them back in the toy box. Not everyone is as careful of your imperial privilege to take toys out of that toy box as you might like them to be. Rummy and Wolfie might be fun to play with but they are awfully expensive playmates. They have cost this nation hundreds of billions from our defense budget without making anyplace in the world safer for our citizens. More than that, they have cost us our friends and our allies and our sacred honor. Iraq was handled in a dishonorable way.

We have gone from having an excellent well prepared strike force capable of whipping any bad guys that might appear, to an exhausted war weary force without adequate supplies and resources in stock. Rummy, Wolfie and friends have exhausted the worldwide stock of armaments and support material that our strike force would need in Korea or elsewhere in case one of the evil guys on your list had to be chastised. Your cupboard, Mr. President, is bare and getting barer. Resupply of our arms depots around the world could take as much as five years and cost a lot more than the few billion dollars that you are requesting before the election. That is only one of the hidden costs of this embarrassing little war that you are now responsible for regardless of Rummy and Wolfie’s part in starting it.

More important even than those facts is the fact that we have gone from being seen as the good guy in much of the world to being viewed as am immoral bully without respect for anyone’s human rights. We have been bigger than all of the other kids out there since WWII. Now we are viewed as using that size and power in a way that leads not to respect but to fear and anger. I am sorry w, but you are being blamed for that here and elsewhere in the world. Your playmates Rummy, Wolfie and their friends have stuck you with that tab to pay and it will certainly help defeat you in November. They are all going back to work or on to retirement somewhere, w, you are going into the history books. Historians are not kind.

One of the hardest things to learn is how to recognize it when friends are not really friends. Loyalty is important but your loyalty was promised to the people of this nation when you took office. They may not all be your friends but they are your bosses, every damn one of them. Not just the few and the privileged that you allow near you as you campaign around the nation. Every snotty nosed voting age kid who wants to ask you about why his brother or sister won’t be coming home while Rummy plays his fiddle and the press dances to his tune. Every aging parent of a troop who sees the images of angry Iraqi’s on TV wonders about that. Every parent and grandparent who wonders why those people hate their kid so much, when they know that their loved one is just trying to help Iraqi’s live in a better nation. Rummy and Wolfie might like to play with our toys but they are not our friends. They are not yours either.

You see, w, some of the people in the world want to make the world over but don’t really understand the cost of such a project, or the impossible nature of such a task. God could do it in a day I am sure, but it will never happen if human beings are all you have to work with in trying. The world is so big that we in this nation are only five percent of the world’s population, did you know that? Between debt and taxes the funds available to you from our pockets are limited to around three trillion dollars a year. That is not enough to change the world, it is barely enough to keep our shores clean and our cities safe enough to live in. I know that Wolfie and Rummy have told you that changing the world would be a good thing and will make us all safer but they either did not understand how big a job that is or they lied to you.

Liars are no one’s friends. They cannot make up for their lies once they are told. The idea that the lie that crept into your State of the Union Address in 2002 came from Wolfie has been making the rounds. George Tenet, like any good soldier is ready to take that bullet for you. But nobody really believes him any more, not in their heart of hearts where the real truth in all of us resides. The Neocons were the folks with the agenda and they helped you tell that lie. Now you are in a war that cannot be won in a nation ill prepared to become democratic. You have lost the respect of the people in the other rich nations of the world and many of the people here. You might think about not letting Wolfie and Rummy play with you anymore.

That is just some friendly advice from one of the kids from the other side of the tracks w, where people matter more than toys. Do you remember the saying, “He who dies with the most toys wins”, from your life in Texas before you entered politics? It is not really true. He who dies with the most love and the least hate in his heart wins, or at least that is what my God taught me. It is not an act of love to visit war on a nation full of innocent people in order to remove an evil man from their leadership. The Iraqi people do not believe you want them to come out of this war in charge of their own lives, w, and that doubt about your motives is killing our troops. Rummy has got to go w, but then so do you. We gave you that toy box full of our military might and asked you to keep it clean and full, and you have done neither. You may not have done any of the deeds in that infamous prison, surely you did not. You may declare those that did them to be evil bad and immoral loudly and honestly in public, but you are responsible for their conduct, w, you turned them loose and they are your problem.

Rummy may not have noticed that those reports showed an epidemic of human rights violations in that prison and elsewhere, but he knew what had to be happening there. Any time one group of people feels so superior to another that they can kill them with impunity then human rights are bound to be violated. A child on a school playground learns that early on in life. An old man like Rummy certainly knows that simple fact about human beings. That is why rules of conduct in war were invented. You have violated the Geneva conventions in several ways in this war, w, and if the Commander in Chief is an outlaw can his men and women be far behind? Now your loud cries of “those people will be punished” are not very convincing to most people, w, what they see is a desperate politician, not a fearless moral leader full of indignation. Please shut up and fire Rummy for the good of our nation if not for your own good. God bless you all and keep you all safe in these times of grave doubt about the moral qualities of leadership in our nation.
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Posted by Henri Reynard at May 7, 2004 11:54 AM