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Selling the Candidates

Looking into how to get a Kerry bumper sticker or two, I came across John Kerry’s online store. After browsing around a bit, I decided to check out Bush’s online store as well.

What I found particularly interesting at each site were the selections of t-shirts, particularly those which stray from the traditional campaign logo t-shirt.

John Kerry's site included a couple of shirts that clearly are targeted towards college students and young hipsters, like this ringer tee and this retro "Real Deal" shirt.

In contrast, Bush's merchandise clearly targets a very different demographic with his racing-inspired t-shirt and the ridiculous Farm-Ranch Team t-shirt.

So these selections of t-shirt designs got me thinking whether the candidates are savy merchandisers now in addition to candidates, or are they completely missing the boat?

Do they want to be selling t-shirts that simply reinforce their traditional supporter bases or would they be better served by attempting to cross into the other candidate's turf? Wouldn't Kerry better spread his message if he had a shirt that NASCAR dad supporters wanted to wear amid a sea of Bush supporters? And wouldn't Bush be better off getting infiltrating areas that are frequented by liberal urban dwellers?

Posted by blipsman at April 20, 2004 12:55 PM