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Pass the Salt

There’s been an ongoing debate in my family for weeks now. The question isn’t whether Election Day is a potential terrorism target. That’s perfectly obvious even before Rice spoke out. I didn’t see them all but it seems the real question was skirted in the Sunday talk shows: who benefits politically if such an act does occur?

One side of my family says that Bush returns to office in a cake walk -- the American public would rally around the "leader" as a show of patriotism. The other side believes that Bush would be handed his walking papers -- after assuring so many for so long that they were safe, an attack close to election day shatters that illusion. We're not a big family so I wonder what others might think. This is what passes for dinner time conversation in my family these days. What about yours?

Posted by 9thwave at April 19, 2004 1:45 PM