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The Uncertainty Principle

The extent of denial on the Right, concerning the disintegration of Iraq, knows no boundaries. They are accurate in predicting that the small bands of enemy fighters, spread across a growing number of cities, will be crushed – by means unbecoming a military force of ‘liberators’. Fighters loyal to Cleric Sadir (himself included) will pay the heaviest toll. Yet, it is uncertain if the widespread condemnation of scores of innocent Iraqis killed, will give the Coalition forces pause.

Supporters of this administration can still point to the polls citing a clear majority steadfast in favor of the invasion, resigned if Saddam is the only consolation prize and heck, even the Liberals won’t consider the idea of cuttin’ and running.

Yet in Iraq, the fear that most threatened the Wolfowitz Plan (a Shi’ite uprising), now comes with an attached list of Uncertainty Principles: a Sunni uprising and possible opposition Coalition partner; the future Iraqi Governing body (with no discernable legitimacy or support), curiously silent when condemnations of the insurgents are warranted, yet expressing outrage over civilian causalities, destruction, and their unfolding consequences; and, an inconceivable June 30th hand off whose execution may depend on election year politics, rather than achieving stability in less than 90 days.

Back home, the fear that most threatens the Bush/Cheney ’04 Plan (losing the Terrorism issue), now comes with an attached list of Uncertainty Principles: the consistent, damaging evidence on Intelligence failures, eating away at the underpinnings of Bush’s greatest strength; a growing credibility gap, framed by Richard Clarke’s Rove-proof Litmus Test, which Condi Rice’s testimony only exacerbated; the unfortunate position of being graded each month on the only box score that matters, and solid economic growth that just can’t seem to work its voodoo.

And, then there are the increasing (and, increasingly unacceptable) deaths of American soldiers. Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin (who has a son serving in Iraq), recently remarked that only after middle and upper class Americans realized their sons may be drafted, did public opinion really turn against the Vietnam War. But, that was also the era of the 3 major TV network household. Here, in this era of 500+ basic cable channels, images of the wounded, flag draped coffins and grieving families, may not have had a similar impact – but why take the risk.

That was one thing the Bush administration made certain of.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at April 12, 2004 12:29 AM