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Goin' Mobile

US Secretary of State Colin Powell has admitted that the “most dramatic” piece of evidence he presented to the UN Security Council in making a case for the invasion of Iraq, the mobile WMD factories, is probably wrong.

“I’m not the intelligence community, but I probed and I made sure, as I said in my presentation, these are multi-sourced” allegations, Powell said. “Now, if the sources fell apart we need to find out how we’ve gotten ourselves in that position,” he said.

One of the sources cited by Powell had been rated by CIA officials as unreliable even before the UN presentation, and another source, who provided the eyewitness description of the labs, had never even been interviewed by the CIA.

C'mon, Mr. Powell. You know exactly what happened. You've already stated that you got the information from Rumsfeld and Cheney's private intelligence group, the Office of Special Plans. In fact, you said that you had to discard most of the OSP intelligence because it was not "multi-sourced". The only difference between this "fact" and the "facts" you had to round-file, is that this one was based on two unreliable sources, rather than just one.

The reason for our intelligence "failure" is that the CIA was not giving the administration the intelligence it wanted, so the OSP was created to bypass the seasoned professionals at the CIA and cherry-pick intelligence, from any source, which backed up the President's case for war.

Posted by American Pundit at April 5, 2004 7:46 AM