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Will You Just Take The Debate, Mr. President?

Bush has a problem. He is unwilling to put himself to the test. He will not get up on a podium and defend his policies against his Democratic opponent. Just this Thursday, a Bush spokesman once more said that Bush was refusing the debate because he says Kerry hadn’t finished the one he was having with himself.

What a cop-out. What red-blooded Republican would not jump at the chance to face down a Democrat opponent? What kind of robust conservative would find a waffling opponent as a reason not to debate? It’s the perfect reason! Go for the kill! Expose him as the muddled creature he is!

If Bush wants to kill the Kerry campaign once and for all, he will have to do better than excuses his press secretaries and spokesmen are handing out for him. It's high time that Bush gets off his high horse and start fending for himself.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at April 2, 2004 1:34 AM