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Rice to Testify in Front of Commission

Facing mounting pressure from many fronts, the White House has reversed course and Condoleezza Rice will testify publicly and under oath to the Sep. 11 Commission, MSNBC reports.

Additionally, President Bush and VP Cheney will testify to the entire Commision instead of just in front of the two co-chairs of the committee. Their testimony will remain private, however.

This seems to be the best case scenario in terms of trying to all of the information pertinent to the 9/11 commission's investigation. Rice had little ground to stand on in her refusal to testify, seeing as the commission was only established by Congress and not a Congressional Commission.

Ultimately, we need to do whatever we can to assess what happened prior to 9/11 in order to change the way the government operates, so that we can prevent future attacks. But you cannot fix the future without fully understanding the past.

Additionally, by testifying Rice can answer claims Richard Clarke while under oath under a similar set of circumstances. It was not fair to Clarke to attack his testimony across the airwaves, hitting a larger audience while simultaneously avoiding the issues of perjury. Hopefully, that threat will replace the political character attacks with honest recounting of the facts.

Maybe I'm naive to think that Rice's testimony will change anything. But it certainly can't hurt anything in regards to getting to the bottom of the issue.

Posted by blipsman at March 30, 2004 10:51 AM