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Awaking a Sleeping Giant: 2004

The FCC assault against Howard Stern may bring out the much hyped and sought after “non-voter” in larger numbers this year than Ralph Nader could ever dream of doing. And in large enough numbers to be a deciding factor in this race. I’m not a big Stern fan — most of his stuff is usually too juvenile or personally offensive in one way or another. But I’ve also found myself laughing out loud as I drive to work with him — so I occassionally tune in.

For the past few weeks, however, I’ve been tuning in every day to hear his latest tirade against the religious right and the puppets (Bush and others) that have infiltrated our government. This isn’t the disgruntled rantings of someone with his own agenda. Call me naive, but I believe Stern when he says he’d rather have nothing to do with politics. He has become concrete proof — not theory or speculation — that something “scary” is happening in this country with the intrusion of religious belief systems into public policy. Old school politicians are likely to write Stern off — but his message is reaching people who otherwise believe election results don’t really matter. Stern is saying loud and clear, in direct contradiction to Nader, that there is a difference — a significant one — between the Republican and the Democrat this year.

Posted by 9thwave at March 20, 2004 9:26 PM