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Filmed In RoveVision

It’s funny how fortunes, and for the sake of this argument - perception – can turn. I think back to those glossy business magazine covers of Enron’s Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling and the accompanying pulp piece lauding them as the envy of capitalism, itself.

I remember those words of reassurance, that the American voters should have faith in an MBA/CEO Presidential ticket. And finally, the aura of invincibility surrounding the Right-thinking, political strategist/wizard who, single-handedly reversed the conventional wisdom of mid-term elections, yet, failed to see the plot line lifted from an old West Wing episode, coming at him like a Wilbur Wood knuckle ball.

That’s not to say Karl and the boys at RoveVision have been dealing inferior product, as of late, quite the contrary. The rejection-triggering rewrites of the latest jobs and economics revisionist rationale would turn a Joe Esterhaus screenplay into an Oscar contender. Plus, Bush’s smarmy-delivered sound bites have been impressive, while the campaign’s first round of television ads have succeeded in, at least, giving Chris Matthews a boner.

No doubt, King Karl can take partial credit now that the ten-minute/gay marriage rule has been implemented. An obvious TV ratings winner, no more than ten minutes of cable news airtime may elapse without this wedge issue being cited in a segment, crawl or ‘Question Of The Day’.

Many charge that the use of 9/11 images, are a direct result of Bush’s failures on the ‘bread and butter’ issues. Or, is it in part due to Rove’s arrogance and insensitivity born of a career of unbroken political victories? Who else would dare offend even one family of a 9/11 victim? Or, trot out Rudy Giuliani or Bernard Kerik to drown out the objections of angry New York fire fighters, all the while whispering about their connection to a biased ‘union’?

In my estimation, RoveVision has prevented the direct hits, leaks and mishaps plaguing the newly launched $150 million dollar Bush/Cheney ’04 mother ship, from scoring major damage. How else can one explain the voter’s dissatisfaction with Bush’s handling of 4 out of the 5 major issues and Howard Stern hammering away at his white male base, yet, his overall approval numbers hover around 50% and he leads Kerry in a number of polls?

Laura Bush is uneasy about the direction of the campaign and Barbara Bush frets that ‘…she’s seen this movie before’.

Similar doubts almost prevented Francis Ford Coppola from making ‘The Godfather’.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at March 17, 2004 4:19 AM