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Gay Marriage Debate: Truth & Lies Vol. 1

In the aftermath of President Bush’s support for an Amendment to ban Gay Marriage, I vowed to fight this intolerant diversionary tactic, by educating the public (especially heteros!) and arming like-minded individuals with accurate, fact-based research on wide ranging subjects dealing with the gay lifestyles.

I will also bring to the reader’s attention, examples of lies, misinformation and hatred, perpetrated by those on the Right.


The results of a 2002 Stanford Univ. study of heterosexual attitudes towards gays and lesbians:

73% know openly gay people

98% either have an openly gay family member or feel a loved one is gay

85% of Americans polled support gay rights

56% said gays could even be clergy or school teachers

73% said gays should be allowed to serve in military

From the 1999 Human Rights Campaign Report ‘The State Of The Workplace’:

Number of Fortune 500 companies with sexual-orientation nondiscrimination policies: in 1975 - 2: in 1999 - 260

Number of Fortune 500 companies that provided health insurance to domestic partners: in 1980 - 0: in 1999 - 70

Percentage of employers offering domestic partner benefits to both same-sex and opposite sex couples - 69 per cent.

First US employer to offer health insurance benefits to domestic partners of gay and lesbian employees - 'The Village Voice'

The First publicly held corporation to offer same-sex domestic partner benefits - 'Lotus'

First Major Corporation to adopt and then withdraw a policy offering domestic benefits to gay and lesbian employees - 'Perot Systems'

Number of states where more than 100 employers have policies against discrimination based on sexual orientation - 3

Number of states where no employers have been identified as having such non-discrimination policies - 5

Percentage of Americans who felt that gay men and lesbians should have equal rights in the workplace: in 1977 - 56%, in 1997 - 84%.

An email from a U.S. soldier, posted on journalist Andrew Sullivan’s weblog site:

A SOLDIER IN SPECIAL OPS: "Well ... And so it now begins. My more liberal friends told me a day like this would come, and now I am forced to eat crow. Words cannot express the hurt and anger I feel for the man's blatant constitutional and moral attack on a segment of our population. And for the still wobbly among us, make no mistake ... this is an attack... I realized long ago I am (was) a Republican solely for foreign affairs. But that's not good enough anymore. I've helped feed the Kurds in Northern Iraq, I've slept in the mud and rain to enforce peace treaties in eastern Europe, seated in 100 percent humidity in southeast Asia, and I dodged too many bullets and remote controlled bombs in and around Mosul to count. But I gladly did this (and will do it again) to protect the rights and liberties of ALL Americans, not just those of my family.
I voted for this man ... despite what my family said, despite how many times I was smeared because I am African American and (was) a Republican, despite his joy in being an anti-intellectual ... they warned me, they warned me and I didn't listen ... and now I am ashamed of myself. By all that I hold Holy it will never happen again!"


An article from the March 1, New York Times, details the efforts to sway the opinions of African-American church congregations on the Gay Marriage debate.

In my opinion, the most hostile sector of the Black community towards gays and lesbians tends to have the deeply religious (and older generation) at the core of its representation. In the community as a whole, homosexuality is much more of a taboo, unacknowledged and unspoken subject, compared to the White community. Therefore, with the exception of those with flamboyant or outwardly stereotypical mannerisms, gays and lesbians are much more likely to move and exist between two worlds.

The article details the efforts of Ms. Genevieve Wood of the Family Research Council, and her ‘impassioned’ plea to Black churches to oppose Gay Marriage. She’s quoted:

“They are wrapping themselves in the flag of civil rights," said Ms. Wood, who is white, as visitors from across the country shook their heads in dismay. "I can make arguments against that. But not nearly like you all can."

Actually making the argument should be the crux of her ‘impassioned’ plea, but she doesn’t (or can’t?). Heritage Foundation funded social Conservative groups like hers, have never courted, wanted nor needed Black support before. So, how honorable is their cause, when they show up at Sunday service, only seeking to exploit and pander to the ignorant, homophobic and intolerant nature of a crowd, they know so well?

Even more incredulous, is a quote from a Chicago minister:

"If the K.K.K. opposes gay marriage, I would ride with them," said the Rev. Gregory Daniels, organizer of the Chicago event, taking a far more provocative stance than the vast majority of black — or white — clergy members speaking out on the issue.”

Like many black churches, Rev. Daniels will find many gays and lesbians among his choir and congregation. I wonder what their reaction will be to his comments? And, I will not hesitate to call Rev. Daniels what he really is – a hypocrite! Here is a man who represents and leads a congregation and community that is ravaged by violence, drugs, alcoholism, infidelity, illegitimate births and an ever-increasing rate of HIV infection.

And, Gay Marriage causes him to make such an outrageous statement?

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at March 5, 2004 11:35 PM