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Creationism and Evolutionism

The war over teaching Creationism and Evolutionism in public schools will continue throughout this election cycle, and it will probably continue for years to come. Gay Marriage is receiving much more news, but this issue also involves a dispute over allowing one particular religion to define government policy. The Georgia scandal received a lot of press, as the Board of Education tried to euphemize its way out of the controversy but instead became the source of national ridicule.

In my current home state, Missouri, a less publicized battle has started over teaching “intelligent design”, a “scientificy” form of creationism that accepts that change happens, but asserts that the results of evolution are so amazing that some higher power must have been directing it all. While intelligent design is less overtly religious than direct Creationism, it doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny - it assumes a religious answer and twists the scientific results to support it, and it makes an unsupportable assumption that randomness cannot lead to complexity.

Another battle is brewing in a very conservative part of western Montana (about 10 miles from my dad's hometown where my grandmother still lives) over teaching evolution and creation in schools. According to the linked article, evolution supporters and scientists organized quickly when a pro-Creationism movement started to support teaching Creation and Intelligent Design in public schools. I was happily surprised that such a strong effort formed in such a conservative area to ensure that Science classes teach Science instead of Religion.

I hope this reaction can be the model for a nationwide effort to resist Creationism in Science curricula. I have no problem with Creation being taught in a Comparative Religion or related course, but it's not Science, so it shouldn't be taught in a Science Course. The First Amendment should be clear enough on this, but I'd be shocked to see the Bush administration protect the Constitution in this issue.

Posted by LawnBoy at March 2, 2004 11:01 AM