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Revenge Of The Mooks

What could possibly cause the ‘Angry White Male’ to up and bolt a Red State? How about the alleged ‘censorship’ of one Howard Stern and the major hit to his pocketbook and ego? Or maybe, the miraculous conversion of an avowed Gore-hater and curmudgeon of the airwaves, Don Imus, with his stunning endorsement of John Kerry?

Blog theorist Billmon, cites as conspicuously significant a portion of Howard Stern’s Morning program aired the day before the offending, suspension-triggering, broadcast. Stern remarked how ‘eye opening’ (my words) it was upon reading Al Franken’s ‘Lying Liars…’, and how it significantly altered his view on George Bush and his presidency. (You can find a paraphrased portion of this discussion here.) The conspiratorial equation is complete, by taking into account the Bush contributing, partisan political leanings of Clear Channel’s John Hogan, playing the role of Pontius Pilate, meting out Stern’s punishment at no ones behest.

In my opinion, Stern has long cultivated a radio audience composed largely of the ‘mooks’ (coined by Digby):

“… the "F* You boys," as Stan Greenberg calls them, or simply the "Mooks" as I call them. Young, white, male a*******, basically. If they vote, it's usually because they've been told to by their culture heroes.

The mooks worship Howard. He is their Rush Limbaugh and if he turns it into a crusade, they'll vote. These guys are amongst the vast alienated 50% of Americans who aren't usually interested in politics. Take away their Howard and they just might get motivated.

Back in high school, they were the arrogant jocks, the pretty boys and the party crowd. Now, in their late 20’s and 30’s, probably saddled with kids, a wife and/or a mortgage, they’re stuck in the best job their education could find. Life has made them into bitter victims. And, from what I’ve heard of Stern’s show, it tends to manifests as on-air comments shaded with racist, xenophobic and homophobic subtext.

No doubt, many Minnesota ‘mooks’ registered for the first time to help Jesse Ventura capture the Governor’s mansion, and an equally sure bet as to why ‘Whites’ was the only electoral group Gov. Ahnold carried. Thus, based solely on the cigarette tax, Confederate Flag and Gay Marriage issues, I’d be willing to bet my first Social Security check on which party the ‘mooks’ would cast their ballot for.

Although ecstatically dumbfounded, I’ve yet to hear a rational explanation from Mr. Imus as to why he has ended 3 years as a Bush apologist. He speaks to the ‘Greatest Generation Mooks’, who are probably scratching their heads in utter disbelief, too.

Day One of his suspension, Howard Stern proclaimed his last on-air words would be ‘…vote Bush out of office!’ Is this enough to bring the ‘mooks’ over to the Democratic Party? Should we send James Carville after them?

Am I the only who thinks this is a perfect comeback vehicle for Robert Carradine?

(Tip to Phaedrus at No Fear Of Freedom!)

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at March 1, 2004 11:08 PM