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Political Humor: Defensive of Marriage

“Marriage should be defined by the people - not by the courts.” —George W. Bush

Mob rule is finally being considered more important than the minor opinion of the learned. I love it. I don’t think gays should be able to get married - and what I think now matters.

I have some ideas about other people that shouldn’t be able to get married:

Serial killers: Nope! You kill more than two human beings and you shouldn't be able to get hitched. No one should enjoy the sanctity of marriage after you've had human remains in your freezer.

Smokers: You smoke and get married, then you'll damage the health of your spouse. This should be illegal. Legislation for this will hopefully get passed in California and then the rest of the country will have to follow suit.

Non-English speakers: If you can't recite you're vows in the same language as the bible - you can't get married. There - it's been said.

Women that have more than 3 cats in their home should not be able to get married...Oh wait, that's a non-issue, isn't it?

Gays in Hollywood have been getting married for years and now they want to marry other gays!?! Gays should not be able to marry ANYBODY - Tom Cruise I'm talking to you, Buddy.

In this time of a 50% divorce rate, we need to defend marriage. Marriage should be between a non-smoking, straight, English speaking, two-cats-or-less-owning, non-serial killer man and woman. There it's been said.

Posted by at February 27, 2004 5:43 PM