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“Today, I call upon the Congress to promptly pass and to send to the states for ratification an amendment to our Constitution defining and protecting marriage as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife.”

President George W. Bush February 24, 2004

It’s not often that a politician pisses me off so much that it actually makes my Tourette’s ticks act up, but I’m twitching like crazy over here. I honestly do not understand how anyone can say that this is not an attempt to mix church and state in an unimaginable affront to the freedoms that America is supposed to provide her citizens!

There simply are no valid secular arguments that support the idea that allowing gays to marry will cause anyone any harm. Saying that "society" defines marriage as the joining of a man and woman doesn't change the fact that the definition only exists because of the religious belief that homosexuality is an affront to one deity or another. There is simply no evidence that allowing gays to marry would have ANY effect at all on healthy heterosexual marriages.

If the conservative busybodies who are promoting this discriminatory - and unAmerican - agenda were truly concerned about the "sanctity" of marriage, they would be out there doing everything they could to eliminate the current causes of divorce.

Its kind of ironic that most of the people who wail about the "sanctity" of marriage being violated are the same people who seem to think it's good for society to have business trying to get every last minute of work it can out of its employees as cheaply as possible, without taking into account the toll that financial difficulties and/or working long hours can take on a marriage. How many marriages in America have been destroyed by one partner's effective absence because their company demanded that they work 60 hour work weeks or spend most of their time on the road, away from their families? How many have been destroyed by the financial upheaval that the last few years of constant job losses have created? I'll wager far more than have been destroyed by Vermont's civil unions law.

Adultery is another marriage killer that not only do the conservatives ignore as a legitimate social issue, but often engage in themselves. How often do we hear about one conservative leader or another who has engaged in extra-marital hanky panky, or who is on to a second, third or fourth wife? How many families in general have been destroyed because someone couldn't keep a promise they made - one typically made in a sacred ceremony?

And what's being done to combat other causes of marriage failures, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling addictions or other compulsive behaviours? Anything? You'd think that those who are interested in preserving the alleged "sanctity" of marriage would have some interest in addressing those issues, but they don't. And domestic violence is another marriage killer (sometimes, sadly, in an all-too-literal sense) that they have little interest in combating.

The amount of sanctimonious bullshit that's being shoveled around on this issue is staggering. No one cares about preserving marriage, they just don't like gays and don't want to see any indication that gays actually have the same rights, needs, and desires that any of the rest of us do. Well, guys, here's the deal. You need to clean up your own houses before you tell someone how to maintain their own. If you want marriage to be sacred, get out there and start working to make business family-friendly, so that people are paid a fair wage and have adequate time to actually BE with their families. Work to make adultery socially unacceptable again. Work to help make sure that addicts and their family members can get the help they need to get the addiction under control before it breaks the family apart. Do everything you can to put an end to domestic abuse in this country. That's where the problems are - not in allowing gays to get married.

Posted by at February 24, 2004 6:32 PM