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Edwards picks up two blog endorsements

Two popular political weblogs, Daily Kos and Agonist, decided today to endorse Sen. John Edwards for president.

Daily Kos: Edwards for President:

I want something else. I want someone who symbolizes the future of our party. Someone whose rhetoric inspires, rather than bores. Someone who has run a positive campaign worthy of praise, rather than someone who has used slash and burn campaign tactics against members of his own party. Someone who people actually like, rather than support for some bizarre notion of “electability”.

The Agonist's Choice: John Edwards for President:

...John Edwards manages to keep that populist gospel opened wide, the letters H-O-P-E emblazoned on every page. He seemlessly combines the political and the personal. He connects with voters. His rhetoric doesn't alienate like repeated attacks and the over-reliance on figures often do.

Everytime we hear him speak, we sense his convictions are genuine, that he really believes what he is saying. Wherever he goes, people respond. We get the feeling that unlike so many politicians, including Kerry, he not only wants to be a man of the people, John Edwards is a man of the people.

In short, he is a natural.

It would be interesting to see if the Edwards' campaign points out these two endorsements on their website. They certainly count for something and may count for even more in the future. Weblog endorsements (or "blogdorsements") may become the new wave of publication endorsements, ranking just under newspaper endorsements in the future.

Posted by Anthony at February 24, 2004 12:19 AM