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Politics can be funny, too!

Politics doesn’t always have to be serious business. Sure, a $7 trillion deficit and a net loss of 2 million jobs probably doesn’t bring a smile to your face, but you’ll have a chance to take care of that in Novemeber.

Until then, here’s two of the most creative political humor websites discovered to date:

A Pres. George W. Bush doll does yoga at and Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld demonstrates a fighting style at Photos courtesy and Bush Yoga: This site was established with one sole purpose, to show the leader of the free world "posed in a variety of ancient positions." There you can find President George W. Bush: The Doll stretched out in a number of real yoga positions while wearing his infamous flight suit. What more can you ask for?

Rumsfeld Fighting Technique: Poe News features a wonderful photo essay, complete with captions of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's many attack poses. Some of my favorites include the "Quacking Duck Hand", "Drunken Temple Boxing", and the "Twin Cobra Fist". Can you defeat the 1000 styles of Rumsfeld? Hiyaaaaaa!

Posted by Anthony at February 23, 2004 9:00 AM