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Why I won't just "Move On" about the National Guard issue

Recently a visitor to “different strings suggested in comments that I “move on” in regards to Bush’s military record and I know others who are questioning the President’s record are often told the same thing. So, should we “move on”? No. Moving on is the last thing we need to do when it comes to Bush’s National Guard service.

The president, his administration and their supporters have made a habit of accusing anyone who disagrees with their policies - and in particular with their war - of being “unpatriotic,” yet when Bush had an opportunity to show his own patriotism when the US was at war in Vietnam (which was also an unpopular war fought on the basis of reasoning VERY similar to that used to justify the Iraqi war - the idea that changing one government in a region could lead to changes in many - if not all - of the other governments), he neither volunteered to serve in the active duty army nor choose to face the same risk of being drafted that most other men of his generation faced. Instead, he made use of his father’s connection in order to get a slot in the Texas Air National Guard, and then failed to fulfill his commitment.

Even if you want to argue that his actions in regards to his guard duty were "youthful indiscretions" rather than an actual indication of his dishonourable character, his promise during his interview with Tim Russert to release ALL records related to his service went unfulfilled - only portions of his record were released, and some of those were redacted.

This incident speaks volumes about the what I see as the true nature of President Bush. During his term, he has announced the creation of or support for a number of programs and then failed to include funding for them in the budget. Hell, he did that with the war in Afghanistan - ousting the Taliban, but then failing to include any money for rebuilding the country. It also demonstrates his attitude that the American people don't really have a right to know what out government - which is supposed to be BY the people and FOR the people - is up to, or what he has done and is doing as our leader. And it shows his tendency to use his family connections for any advantage he can.

So, no, I won't move on. Bush needs to be seen for the kind of person he really is, and this speaks volumes about why he is unfit to lead this nation.

Posted by at February 22, 2004 8:20 PM