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Kerry narrowly wins Wisconsin, Dean ends campaign

Sen. Kerry beat Sen. Edwards in the Wisconsin primary by only a few percentage points in a primary opened to all of Wisconsin’s voters, regardless of party. Dean’s disappointing third place finish causes Dean to drop out.

Kerry wins Wisconsin, Edwards surges:

“Sen. John Kerry beat back a strong challenge from Sen. John Edwards to win the Wisconsin presidential primary on Tuesday. “My friends, tonight I say to all of America, get ready, a new day is on the way,” Kerry, a four-term senator from Massachusetts, told supporters gathered in Middleton, Wisconsin.

The results looked like this: John Kerry 40% / John Edwards 34% / Howard Dean 18%.

Next on the schedule in what amounts to a two-man race for the Democratic nomination are Hawaii, Idaho, and Utah on February 24th and then 10 states' primaries on March 2nd.

Edwards has proclaimed this a two-man race -- and he has a point. Remember, as Kerry leads Edwards in the delegate count, he still only has 1/4 of those needed for the nomination.

Posted by Anthony at February 19, 2004 12:26 AM