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Fickle Facts and Weapons of Mass Distraction

It is a fact that the President changes his mind more than his critics give him credit for in their writings. In the endless attacks on him related to his adamant refusal to admit that the WMD did not exist the critics often miss the whole point. How this Administration approaches decisions is to make them based on one reason. When their proposed reason for making that decision proves obviously untrue, they change the reason, not the decision. Of course they continue to defend the original reason for their decision while changing the basis in the public’s eye.

This feat of legerdemain, the art of doing something invisible to the eye right out in public, is the one magic trick this Administration has mastered. The switch in the case of Iraq was not smooth, some of us followed it. The bait was the WMD the switch was the evil of Saddam and Congress was fooled enough by the WMD threat to grant W his war powers. Now he is a “War President”.

Then there was the issue of taxes. Cuts were proposed based on the budget surplus left over from Clinton. When it turned into a deficit, deceit was the only answer. Calling on Letter Man, the spokes person for the Administration turned an f into an e and scrambled the letters to create deceit out of the new deficit. Thus the tax cuts designed to correct a surplus, became tax cuts designed to stimulate the economy. Then of course, when in the course of human events it became necessary to further cloud the subject, the tax cuts became a jobs program. Thus W was saving the Republic from surpluses, job losses and economic decline all in one swell foop.

Then of course there is the campaign promise to address Carbon Dioxide emissions and the Kyoto treaty which just disappeared. That is it disappeared until it morphed into a policy of not recognizing emissions of any kind as threatening to the environment. A policy only made apparent by massive changes in Federal Regulations on emissions. Those changes constitute an emasculation of the laws passed over the last forty years by both parties working together to save our environment. Of course when this decision is even acknowledged it is posed as a correction that stimulates investment in polluting industries.

Then we have the demonstrably invisible feat of switching what should have been called the “Freedom Suppression Act” into the “Patriot Act”. This happened immediately after 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks. The panic that existed then in Congress is visible in the way that law was passed without real debate. Elements in that legislation were removed and on the date of passage reappeared without comment. Of course that law is so complex and so draconian that real debate would have slowed it down, possibly forever. This “magical thinking” Administration is engaged in trying to make this law suppressing civil liberties permanent. Ashcroft is promoting that change under the false premise that it really doesn’t go any farther than other laws used against organized crime. If that were true I would find myself sensitive to the plight of organized crime for the first time in my life.

Then there is the constant flow of corrupt business practice cases through our press and into our courts. In almost fifty years of applying myself to the art of changing money from other people’s hands into my own legally; I have never before been ashamed to call myself a businessman. Practical efforts to reduce the corruption in our business environment have been blocked by the appointed heads of the SEC. Agencies dedicated to regulating industries have long ago become corrupted by the constant flow of people from government into industry. There they get to make a bundle based on their friendly approach to regulatory controls, which are mostly honored in the breach. This Administration has raised that exchange program to new heights. It is also constantly making progress without notice in its endless search for ways to open the public lands and resources to demolition by its industrial supporters.

No, it is not the Weapons of Mass Distraction that mean the most to those who wish to remove this Administration from power. It is instead the constant practice of falsifying what is actually being done that will bring this crop of arrogant prevaricators down in the end. Evading the truth is an art practiced by many politicians in our nation. Few politicians have raised prevarication to the art form developed during this Administration’s rise. Few will have suffered as much from it as these people will during their fall.

The people of this nation are not easily fooled; they demonstrated that when a prosecutorial witch hunt was turned into an impeachment trial during the Clinton Administration. I have never been as proud of the public in this nation as when they overwhelmingly disapproved of Clinton’s act and still defined it as not a cause sufficient to remove him from office. They are sorting who these folks are out today and tomorrow they will remove them by voting. It is the American way. God bless and keep you all safe in this great nation; where we can all decide which lies to believe and which liars to trust with our money our power and our sacred honor.

Posted by Henri Reynard at February 16, 2004 1:17 PM