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Ralph, Don't Run

Ralph Nader is again exploring the idea of running for President in November’s election. Hoping to avoid the unintended consequences Nader’s candidacy had on the 2000 election, a grassroots campaign has begun to ask Nader to stay out of the 2004 race in order to remove George W. Bush from office. As the Ralph Don’t Run site points out, with only 1% of Nader’s votes in Florida, Gore would have won the state and Gore would be our president.

While I understand that there are platform differences between Nader’s Green Party and the Democratic Party, their ideologies are much more closely alligned with each other than either party with the GOP. I think the overwhelming majority of both the Democrats and Greens want to see Bush out of office first and foremost. In the 2000 election, because progressive voters chose between two candiates, the minority of conservatives saw their candidate win the election. And the rest is history…

Posted by blipsman at February 15, 2004 5:37 PM