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Kerry wins D.C. and Nevada Primaries, Dean and Sharpton snag second

Sen. John Kerry pulled in more delegates as he came out on top of the Washington, D.C. and Nevada primaries today. Howard Dean came in second in Nevada, where Kerry received a whopping 63% of the vote. In D.C., Al Sharpton came in at second place with his highest percentage showing so far, just 2 percentage points above Dean. John Edwards performance didn’t follow the trend of many past contests, as he didn’t even appear on the map today.

Tuesday is the Wisconsin primary, one Dean has said is a must win, although he has said that he will continue to campaign regardless of the result. He hopes a win there will propel him into wins on Super Tuesday 2, with several state contests.

Today's results, according to CNN:

Washington, D.C.:
Kerry 47% / Sharpton 20% / Dean 18%

Kerry 63% / Dean 17%

Posted by Anthony at February 14, 2004 11:08 PM