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CBS pulls Bush Administration Ads

Showing that political party doesn’t matter when it comes to their advertisement policy, CBS pulled Bush Administration ads about their new Medicare proposals after some Democrats complained they were too partisan.

CBS Pulls Ads on Medicare Prescriptions:

CBS said yesterday it has stopped airing a federally funded advertisement, placed by the Bush administration to promote the new Medicare prescription drug law, out of concern the content may be too political.
The network's decision adds to a controversy in which the administration and congressional Democrats are battling over the wisdom of the expanded Medicare program, which Congress approved in November. It comes days after the General Accounting Office agreed, at Democrats' request, to examine whether the $9.5 million in ads, airing on network and cable television through March, constitute political propaganda, rather than neutral public education about the new law.

The 30-second spot says the new law will allow Medicare patients to save money on drugs and keep the Medicare coverage they have. "Same Medicare. More benefits," the ad concludes.

You may remember that CBS refused to air's ad during the Super Bowl, stating that the network doesn't air "political stance" ads. Other stations have since been playing that ad, the Bush in 30 Seconds contest winner.

So maybe this shows that the network is simply enforcing it's policies fairly, afterall. Certainly their guidelines should apply to both political parties equally. The real question here is why no one has heard of any similar problems with any other networks so far in this presidential campaign season...

Bush Campaign releases Kerry attack ad

The news about CBS pulling the Bush ads came on the same day that the Bush campaign released an Internet ad attacking Sen. John Kerry. The ad, called John Kerry: Unprincipled, claims Kerry is owned by special interests.

Posted by Anthony at February 13, 2004 11:30 PM