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Possible connection between Saddam and Osama

In today’s IHT, William Safire reports that a hard link may have been found between Iraq and Al Qaeda. His article claims that a “terrorist courier” was found with a message that ‘demolishes the repeated claim of Bush critics that there was never a “clear link” between Saddam and Osama bin Laden.’ I’m sure that this report will be used to bolster Bush’s claims that the war was justified as a battle in the “War On Terrorism,” but it shouldn’t: Mr. Safire’s interpretation is puzzling.

According to the article, the message discovered is a request from Iraqi insurgents to Al Qaeda for assistance in planning and fighting a civil war against the American forces and American-led civil government. Which means that the only connection this supports is a post-war request for help.

Unless Bush's claim was that the war was justified because it would create links between Iraqis and Al Qaeda, this discovery doesn't help the pro-war case at all. Unfortunately, it will be used that way.

Posted by LawnBoy at February 12, 2004 3:54 PM