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Kerry wins Washington, Michigan, and Maine caucuses, Dean a strong second

John Kerry won Washington, Michigan, and Maine caucuses over the weekend, adding more delegates to his campaign. But, at the same time, Howard Dean scored stong second place finishes in all three states, continuing to add delegates supporting him. In fact, Dean has decided that he will stay on in this race past Wisconsin, after seeing such support over the weeked. After a call for money to air ads in Wisconsin, his campaign has received over a million dollars from his supporters.

So has Kerry wrapped up the nomination, as has been reported since Kerry won New Hampshire? Will other candidates drop out soon, or is it likely they will go for the long haul? Remember that John Edwards and Wesley Clark are still in the running, in addition to Dean. Even Dennis Kucinich got a better-than-expected 15% in Maine yesterday. Maybe it will come down to who runs out of money first. Tennessee and Virginia's primaries tomorrow might make a difference, but who can be sure? All that is clear is that the entire Democratic party has not yet decided, and at least 50% of those voters do not support John Kerry. As more candidates start to drop out, it will be interesting to see who the delegates already won decide to realign with...

Posted by Anthony at February 9, 2004 5:30 PM