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Imagine a president who was elected with less votes than his opponent.

Imagine a president who has turned a 200 billion dollar surplus into a 500 billion dollar deficit in three years.

Imagine a president who used inconclusive intelligence to exaggerate a risk and lead a nation into its first preemptive war.

Imagine a president who betrays his own parties values and forces unfunded federal mandates onto local schools.

Imagine a president who never misses an opportunity to weaken environmental regulations in favor of corporate profits.

Imagine an administration who insults our closest allies in a time of international crisis.

Imagine an administration that strives to keep the country in a state of fear and paranoia in order to justify ever larger defense and "homeland security" budgets.

Imagine a president who is commander-in-chief in time of war, but never attends one of the fallens funerals.

Imagine all this, and more, and then wonder why the electability of the Democratic candidates is the "big story", and not the electabilty of the current president?

George W. Bush will lose the 2004 Election. He will lose regardless of who his opponent is. He will lose because he has nothing to run on except his record. And his record is one of a miserable failure. He will lose not in a close race, but in a landslide.

He will lose because he is not electable.

Posted by Al Maline at February 4, 2004 10:25 PM