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Dean Goes Down

The big story last night wasn’t Kerry doing well, which was expected, or Edwards and Clark coming in first in their must-win states. The most significant development, in my opinion, was the spectacularly bad showing by Howard Dean. Let’s look state by state (Source: CNN – 9 am CST):

South Carolina – %5, fifth place
Delaware - %10, fourth place
Missouri – %9, third place
Oklahoma - %4, fifth place
Arizona - %14, third place
North Dakota – %12, third place
New Mexico - %16, third place

That’s seven states, and no higher than third place in any of them. These states only represent a small fraction of the delegates, but they are diverse. Where are the Deaniacs lurking?

On Larry King last night, Dean claimed that he did badly because the Democratic Establishment and the press were both against him. That claim is pretty shaky for several reasons. First of all, the Democratic Establishment isn’t quite that organized and powerful. They wish they could turn the frontrunner into an also-ran. Dean is actually making a rather patronizing argument, basically saying that voters will only reject him if they are brainwashed. Secondly, the press was fairly favorable, pre-Scream. Finally, and probably most importantly, a lot of influential Democrats and Democratic allies were on his side: Al Gore, Bill Bradley, Tom Harkin, AFSCME, SEIU… Which Establishment does he have in mind? As a related point, he also managed to blow through forty million dollars. Isn’t that enough to sustain People Powered Howard?

Dean is a natural leader, but he turned out to be a lousy candidate. The Revolution is over.

Posted by Woody Mena at February 4, 2004 10:37 AM