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Super Tuesday #1 Results: Kerry grabs 5 states

Super Tuesday #1 saw seven state primaries and caucuses where voters chose their Democratic nominee for president. Sen. John Kerry won in Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, and Delaware. Sen. John Edwards won in his home state of South Carolina. And Gen. Wesley Clark scored his first primary win in Oklahoma by less than a thousand votes over Edwards.

When it comes to delegates, Gov. Howard Dean won delegates with third place finishes in Arizona and New Mexico. Clark also got some more delegates with second place finishes in Arizona, New Mexico, and North Dakota. Kerry picked up delegates in each of the seven states, including Oklahoma (3rd place) and South Carolina (2nd place), and Edwards won some more with second place finishes in Oklahoma and Missouri.

So just where do the candidates stand in the delegate count?

Much in the way state electoral votes will work in the presidential election in November, Democratic candidates need a certain number of delegates to win the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July. That number is 2,161.

The delegate process is a very complicated one, involving delegates from state primaries and caucuses in addition to unpledged delegates. For an explanation of how the whole delegate selection process works, check out CNN's delegate selection process explained.

As of today, only 10% of the total delegates have been awarded from state contests. Front-runner Kerry leads with 244 delegates, Dean follows with 121, and Edwards is in third with 102. Clark now has 79 and is in fourth. Sharpton and Kucinich aren't even in double digits yet, if they ever will be.

So there essentially is a long way to go to 2,161 delegates. Now with the field narrowed to 6 contenders, it will be easier for the candidates to add to their totals. Next on the schedule are Michigan and Washtington on February 7th, Maine on February 8th, and Tennessee and Virginia on February 10th...

Posted by Anthony at February 4, 2004 3:00 AM