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Say It Ain't So, Joe

Joe Trippi resigns and has been replaced by Al Gore’s former go-to guy. Someone had to leave after Kerry’s rear assault. Trippi wouldn’t know me if he fell on me but I remember him from the Mondale-Ferraro campaign. I remember a guy who was a bundle of energy without any real regard for people. I can’t say what he’s like today or if he’s mellowed with age — although his hair is grey rather than black now. He’s a political machine who knew what he was doing — and should be credited for what he did for Dean. But Internet strength doesn’t mean real strength (ie votes). And now Dean has brought in Roy Neel, a consumate Washington insider. It’s another sign of a dying campaign.

But I’m not sure Dean was really ever so high as to have “fallen,” despite what the media says. Dean’s rise mirrors the Internet boom which was inhabited by many who insisted they had a product that worked. Eventually you found out that the product only existed in theory — or the costs were ludicrously high. That was the real problem with the Internet boom — too many idea guys, too few implementors. The Internet bubble didn’t burst — it just ran out of hot air. Which is exactly what I think is happening to Howard Dean. I’m sure Trippi will land on his feet somewhere — guys like that always do.

Posted by 9thwave at January 29, 2004 12:29 PM