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New Hampshire Primary: Kerry wins, Dean grabs second

The final results of the New Hampshire Primary: Kerry 39% / Dean 26% / Clark 13% / Edwards 12% / Lieberman 9% / Kucinich 2%. Candidates needed at least 15% support to earn delegates for the Democratic National Convention.

Kerry overpowers Dean to win New Hampshire primary:

“Fortifying his front-runner status, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry captured the New Hampshire Democratic primary Tuesday, convincing his neighbors he was best qualified to beat President Bush with his military credentials and congressional tenure.
Kerry bested fellow New Englander, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who clinched second in the seven-candidate field after spending much of the week stanching the fallout from his much ridiculed high-decibel pep talk to supporters after he placed a disappointing third last week in Iowa.

With returns incomplete Tuesday evening, retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark and North Carolina Sen. John Edwards were in a close race for third place, trailed by Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and New York civil rights activist Al Sharpton.

The results are likely to further bolster Kerry, who now has won the first two Democratic contests, as he heads toward the frenzied round of seven primaries around the nation next Tuesday."

And what were the other candidates' reactions? Here's what they had to say:

Howard Dean:

'Supporters continued to cheer as Dean thanked the "people of the state of New Hampshire" for their work in helping him regain his momentum. He had been leading in the state as recently as early last week before falling in polls after his third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

"The people of New Hampshire have allowed all of you to hope again that we're going to have real change in America," he said.' (Source.)

Wesley Clark:

'Vowing to send President Bush "right back to that ranch in Texas," retired Gen. Wesley Clark told enthusiastic supporters Tuesday that he "ain't slowing down until the final buzzer sounds."

"Never, never underestimate what a determined soldier can accomplish when he's fighting for his country," said Clark, who was supreme commander of NATO forces in 1999 during the Kosovo war.' (Source.)

John Edwards:

'"In New Hampshire 10 days ago we were 20 points behind General Clark and look at what we've done. And now we're going to take this energy and momentum we saw in Iowa and this energy and momentum we saw in New Hampshire and we're going to take it right through February 3rd," he told cheering supporters.' (Source.)
Joe Lieberman:
'Ignoring his fifth-place showing, Lieberman declared, "We're in a three-way split decision [for third place]" and pointed his ragged campaign toward South Carolina, Delaware and Oklahoma.' (Source.)
It seems the New Hampshire results did little to convince any of the remaining candidates to drop out of the race, even despite several of Lieberman's advisors recommending that he abandon the race.

Next on the schedule are Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona, Delaware, and South Carolina's primaries and North Dakota and New Mexico's caucuses on February 3rd...

Posted by Anthony at January 28, 2004 1:00 AM