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Watch Out for Right-Wing Carnivores!

So, who says there is no Right-Wing Conspiracy? C’mon guys, honestly, which one of you can explain to me, in rational terms, why the Secret Service is seizing computers from Bill Frist’s office and why General Dynamics would be called in to investigate the possibility that Republicans had infiltrated Democratic computers and were dishing out juicy bits to the media?

Now, in the past when I’ve raised the spectre of America becoming a Fascist police-state, you scoffed. When we’ve pointed to the possibility of Republicans engineering consent through scare-tactics and underhanded astroturf campaigns, some of you got defensive and said old news was irrelevant — like history isn’t bound to repeat itself if we don’t learn from the past. Maybe you’re not worried. Maybe you know something that the rest of us Americans don’t want to know — or something that you don’t want us to know, but this scares me. This isn’t Watergate and those of us who are already worried about your power grabs now have more cause to worry…

Posted by huxley75 at January 22, 2004 2:17 PM