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Confidential Memo (Satire)

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Operation Vermont Blizzard has succeeded brilliantly. Clearly, Rove and Co. were under the the impression that we were going to nominate Howard Dean. Those Republicans really think we are nuts! It just goes to show the power of the Internet. This is no time to be complacent, though. It’s time to start Operation Connecticut Yankee.

As you can probably guess, the idea is to convince George Bush that there has been a groundswell of support for Joe Lieberman. The poor man will be dizzy with confusion. First he is running against a hip-shooting governor who opposed him on the war, then he is running against a reassuringly bland senator who supports him on the war!

But let's not gloat yet. We need to get Connecticut Yankee in motion. First of all, we need to set up hundreds of websites espousing passionate devotion to Lieberman. Then some rallies. We need to brainstorm some ideas for signs. I thought of "Hava Nagela, Baby!" and "Joe has Different DNA than George." Finally, we need to make sure that Lieberman wins New Hampshire. This should not be too difficult. I mean there are what, fifty Democrats in New Hampshire?

Get moving, people. I can't wait to tell you about Operation Cleveland Rocks!

Posted by Woody Mena at January 21, 2004 8:30 AM