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Moseley-Braun Steps Down

Carol Moseley-Braun’s dropping out of the race isn’t a surprise. Dropping out right before Iowa is a bit of a surprise to me. (I thought she’d wait until after New Hampshire.)

Her endorsement of Howard Dean, however, is a welcome surprise to me. Not that it’s so unexpected. It’s just that I didn’t think there’d be another Dean story for the press to go after until Monday.

Her endorsement provides an opportunity for the media to move the news cycle out of the "how many minorities did Dean have in his inner circle" to "what exactly are the Democrats going to do to defeat George Bush" in November. I applaud Moseley-Braun for seeming to be the only candidate in the field that consistently spent more time criticizing Bush than attacking fellow Democrats. She should be commended for that. And I'm sorry the only woman in the field had to bow out so early. It makes me wonder what it will take for a woman to move from a symbolic candidacy to a truly viable one.

Posted by 9thwave at January 15, 2004 10:54 AM