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Pow, Zoom, Right to the Moon...

I�m a big fan of the National Space Administration and I would love nothing more than to see our country endeavor to reach the moon once again, replace the aging space shuttle, and send mankind to mars, if not for just curiosity and exploration, but for all the brilliant technology that would come out of such a program. The problem is, we are all living check to check at the moment and President Bush just called for a Limousine to come pick us up on a ride to the grand ball.

The amount of money that he allotted to NASA to do all of this, an extra 1 billion dollars, is going to pay for maybe an engine and certified space toothbrush. Which would be scary enough if that were the only problem, but we can�t even afford the engine and the toothbrush right now. To make up the cost we are going to cut out of other space programs such as that pesky International Space Station we have been so concerned about.

We�re broke. We are writing checks our kids are going to have to answer for. We�re spending like it�s two weeks before Christmas and there are no presents under the tree yet. Personally, I�d been happy if the President said "I'm having people make plans for a moon and Mars mission in the near future, but for the moment, we are going to try and balance the books."

But then being frugal doesn�t motivate people to vote for you, does it? He�s not the only one to blame though, he�s pandering to the masses and the masses just want to hear good things and never be told to cut back, save as much as you can and maybe even use a little less energy resources. President Carter tried that and we�re still turning the thermostat up another notch every year out of spite.

Posted by Beau Wade at January 15, 2004 5:13 AM