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The Policy Creep In The White House

So it doesn’t matter if there are any weapons, weapons programs are equally valid as a cause of war? Now in my entire life of sixty years I have seldom seen quite as gratuitous and grating a lack of honor and honesty as is contained in that posture. “I did not have sex with that woman”, not only pales in comparison, but doesn’t belong on the same printed page except to demonstrate how far we have moved toward accepting duplicity in our leaders as our due. My friends, this is not garden variety duplicity, this is the kind of duplicity that winds the prize for boldness and timing. Most of the people in this nation will not believe that there is any truth in this position. Far fewer in the outside world will believe this posturing. The Bush Administration knows this restatement of their justification for the war is not true, but who is going to notice if we slide it in on the eve of the week we captured Saddam? Moreover who is going to raise their voice in protest and be heard while the nation is celebrating the good news? Is this clever policy creep and sharp political chicanery or what?

The problem is that the issue of whether or not we continue to pursue a policy of waging preemptive war and what reasons we may use to start the next one is far too serious for this type of gamesmanship. This is clearly the work of the Presidents pet weasel, not his pet wolf, but weasels should not be allowed to play on the big board of international policy. Even the wolf doesn’t belong in the important process of deciding how we will help keep order in an increasingly interconnected world. The wolf wants us to attack Iran and North Korea and maybe Syria for starters; I am sure others are on that game board. The weasel just wants to make his master look good while he is leading us through this little obstacle course.

The truth is that preemptive war is a doctrine in violation of international law unless there is a clear and present danger of imminent attack by the party on whom that preemptive war is waged. But international law apparently doesn’t matter when you just caught a man being compared unfavorably with Hitler by a few knotheads who don’t know the difference. For the record Hitler could actually have conquered Europe with the German people behind him if he had listened to his smartest advisors about attacking Russia and the Japanese hadn’t attacked Pearl Harbor too soon. He was really close to winning that war before those two major mistakes destroyed him. Saddam lost every minor war he ever started and he was a nickel and dime garden variety oppressor compared to Hitler. Hitler murdered millions of the best educated and most decent people in Europe and consumed the whole world in a battle for its freedom. Saddam was not Hitler; he was a vile dirty little product of Britain’s, France’s and our national interests in the oil of the Middle East.

Yes, the Iraqi people deserve a better leader; all people deserve to be led by better and more humane leadership than that provided by Saddam. We all hope that we can help them reach a democratic solution to their problems of governance now that we are there. We need to do that so they can get used to more innocuous lying by their leaders than those told by Saddam. But the idea that we are not there because of real weapons, that only “weapons programs” are required is worse than just not valid. If the people in this nation can be made to feel that Saddam was as big a threat as Hitler then any excuse for a war becomes big enough. “Since we caught him, then the war must be over now”, is the unstated hope of everyone in this nation. I hope this war is over soon so we can heal our nation and the western world from the damage this conflict has done. Most of the damage is being caused by the policy of Preemptive war. We need to put an end to this doctrine of preemptive war now; before we become a nation addicted to conquest as a solution to our problems. But this slimy little tactical maneuver of policy creep will probably work. It will work because the press will never push hard against the lies buried in this program of reeducation that we are all being subjected to in our beloved nation.

The reeducation of the people in the USA to accept that preemptive war is all right if we are the ones waging it is a process well on its way toward success. The unfortunate fact of life is that there are more than a few people outside of our borders that think this policy makes us the greatest threat to peace in the world. Most of the people in Europe for instance believe that the preemptive war policy makes us dangerous. Almost everyone in the Middle East can be included too. They think we are violating international law and stealing Iraq’s oil by force. The capture of Saddam will not change that, only ending the preemptive war doctrine can rebuild the trust in our nation that used to exist in most of the world. The creeping position of our President in regard to the WMD should show us that we cannot expect that to change until he is out of office. It is time to remove the weasel from the international policy arena, slip the creep out of the White House and send the wolf off on a sabbatical. God bless and keep you safe in these times of policy creep and lies in high places.

Posted by Henri Reynard at December 18, 2003 1:31 PM