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Framing the question

Have you ever wondered who gets to frame an argument?

Why is it that global warming must be proved before doing anything? Why do polluters get to say “Well, since there is no proof of global warming, we don’t need the regulations.” Instead of “Before releasing gases into the environment, prove they won’t cause global warming”. Why do the polluters get to roll the dice with our environmental future.

On the abortion issue, I'm not a fan of either sides framing of the argument. Why are we arguing the legality of abortion, instead of arguing about the best ideas to reduce abortion rates within the current law. If both sides put their funding and energy into abstinence programs, birth control, adoption, pregnancy support, etc. who knows what could be accomplished.

The war on Iraq? Well here, the administration has re-framed the argument so many times I can't keep track of the rational du jour.

The debt? Those running deficits always seem to compare the debt to the Gross Domestic Product, but how about a comparison of how the debt is financed. 58% Debt Held by the Public vs. 42% Intragovernmental Holdings in 2003; compared with 70% Debt Held by the Public vs. 30% Intragovernmental Holdings in 2003. So much for the Social Security lock box (Republicans - don't complain here, this shift happened under Clinton.)

What are your favorite topics that you would like to see re-framed?

Posted by Al Maline at December 20, 2003 11:54 AM