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Watch The World Dance

There is always a dance going on between nations in the world community, and right now we are dancing a tango when much of the rest of the world is dancing a waltz. Maybe we could find a way to negotiate an international treaty that will assure our dance partners that in the future we will try not to step on their toes quite so hard. It will help if we have a less tone deaf Administration in charge here, but I am sure that Wís education included dancing. The first rule of dancing is to recognize the music, the second, to agree with your partner what dance you will be doing once you take the floor.

In defense of the incredible gaffe committed this week by our defense department by publishing a list of those not on our dance card for Reconstruction money in Iraq; how could they know the Old European girls would refuse to pay the piper if they didnít invite them to the Iraqi reconstruction ball? To compound the insult this list was published the day before our President was planning to approach some of those excluded from those lucrative contracts to ask them for money. He intended to request their cooperation in forgiving loans made to the prior Iraqi government. One hundred billion in loans might not seem like much to the USA but to Iraq it is big money. Russia has already chuffed and said that they were left out of the dance so why should they pay the band? France is almost certain to follow the Russian lead in this comedy of errors by Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfwitz, also known as Wolf Wits in the international dance community.

Now we are left with a situation that is rapidly descending from the ridiculous to the sublimely absurd. Rummy, not a card but always game, has said that we might reconsider if the nations holding the debt card were to write down their old debt. How incredibly subtle; he wins the date rape prize for dance floor sex with his clothes on. Does he think the old European girls are ignorant of their legal rights related to that debt? Russia may dance like a bear but they know whose hand is reaching into their pocket here, and this isnít a welcome grope for their wallet. What is happening here is a virtue-less grasping at the straws that this administration is trying to spin into gold. Unfortunately this set of moves was missing the subtle touch of the spinning dance instructor signore Karl himself.

Let me see, first we insult everyone in Europe before the war. Then, when we win an easy victory because we have such overwhelmingly good troops and weapons systems developed during prior administrations, we stick our tongue out at them and spray out a nice juicy raspberry. Later we less than humbly ask them to participate in reconstruction with hard money which is always hard to come by. Now we turn carelessly while standing at the urinal and wet down the inside of their boots. Then we reach for their wallets one more time after we have their undivided attention. Hmmm, this doesnít sound like a way to pick your dance partners wallet without them noticing what you are about, does it? Trust me, I am seldom embarrassed at anything our government can do in this world, but I am peeking through my fingers today hoping that no one will notice that these people represent us in the grand old dance.

Now we have been tested in supporting those who lead us many times in my lifetime. Quite often we have had to wonder if these fine boys and girls that lead us arenít just a little bit too uncouth to be out in the world. The names that come to mind include a long list of Democrats as well as Republicans but to their defense most of them understood that the rest of the world is not entirely blind to their own interests. It is hard to understand how any Administration could preside over a greater comedy of errors than Iraq is fast becoming. Unfortunately we have over a hundred thousand American troops exposed to the ire of those Iraqiís who do not trust our motives in taking over their nation. The word boondoggle is far too kind for this unmitigated failure to comprehend how the world works. Military force is only part of the power structure of the world; much of the rest is built on trust and money.

Even though those old loan agreements were signed by the deposed government of Saddam they are still legal as hell in the world of today. If we need to give a little less to Haliburton out of the reconstruction funds in order to get cooperation from those who own those notes we should probably do so posthaste. This is an important issue; no matter how we deal with reconstruction the Iraqi economy will not be strong unless a lot of those notes are forgiven. But the mishandling of the process of asking for help has been so egregious that I doubt any forgiveness will be forthcoming soon. We are left dancing with Tony Blair, who must wonder how he got on the dance floor with a partner that dances a tango while the band is playing a waltz. God bless and keep you all safe on this dance floor, there is really too much at stake here to trust this particular crowd of buffoons to navigate it on our behalf.

Posted by Henri Reynard at December 11, 2003 10:14 AM